Injury Prevention

Running Injuries can be caused by being female, being male, being old, being young, pronating too much, pronating too little, training too much, training too little, having a desk job, having a standing job, being inflexible, being flexible etc etc.

I can have a look at your running biomechanics and how you move and give advice on form and general movement.  You may have tight hip flexors – you are a runner you almost certainly have tight hip flexors – and need to do some glute strengthening.  Or it may be that your stride is too long – most recreational runners stride is too long – and we can look at changing your running technique.

Healthy running should be as symmetrical and fluid as possible.  If you constantly run on the road or on a track the camber and/or torque can cause imbalances.  Likewise if you run on a treadmill this reduces the “windlass effect” (the loading of the achilles and forefoot when pushing off) which can cause calf issues.  The list goes on.  There is a lot of work involved that you are almost certainly unaware of between landing on one foot and it then pushing off behind you.

If Personal Training is not for you when why not try Total Core at 9.45am every Saturday morning at Halton Tennis Club?  It’s a general class concentrating on movement incorporating core and glute work with some functional movement.

Please contact me for further information.