Should your knees fall in when you squat? Yes. If you are in a controlled environment, ie. you are lifting your one rep max and can recover it. No if you a) have no idea you are doing it and b) if you did you could not correct it. There is a big difference.

I am a qualified Biomechanics Coach with Biomechanics Education. Since initially qualifying as a personal trainer I have become much more interested in moving people correctly and trying to help them improve their posture and alignment.   Biomechanics is about those actions we do subconsciously – not just in the gym environment but in everyday life. Movements that we take for granted but may well be doing incorrectly causing pain or imbalance in our body. Movements that could be placing strain on various joints, soft tissue and other muscles disrupting the body’s ability to work efficiently. In some this appears as pain, in others loss of power and usually in a completely different part of the body to the actual problem.

In layman’s terms, actions we do in our daily life could be causing more harm than good. For instance sitting at a desk, driving, carrying the baby on one hip….etc etc.

I offer a Biomechanics Screening to help you understand where your own “problem areas” might be. The Screening will highlight areas of your body that are restricted and potentially affecting your ability to carry out day to day tasks, sports or activities competently.  I can then extend this out onto the gym floor and advise on appropriate exercise or alternatively give you movements you can do at home.